Connect with your customers everywhere.

Today’s customers research their various options and often make purchases using their mobile devices. You’ll reach more of them and motivate spending with this mobile platform.

Customizable iOS and Android Apps

Putting an app in people’s hands tends to prompt activity. Empower your customers for:

  • Ordering on the go
  • Finding your nearest location
  • Accessing their loyalty accounts to check the balance, update information, and refer friends to your brand
  • Making mobile payments
  • Redeeming and reloading stored value

"With more than 50 percent of our loyalty members using the mobile app, Tavern in the Square has quickly adopted a mobile marketing strategy that lets us segment and reach our members with targeted, highly effective campaigns."


Custom iOS and Android Apps

Beyond the out-of-the-box apps, custom ones can be developed. Enjoy features like:

  • Customizable pages, navigation, and graphics
  • Integrations to third-party functionality
  • Development options with an open API

By incorporating innovations in mobile pay, omnichannel messaging and more, all fully integrated with our loyalty program, we’re putting more control of the dining experience in our guests’ hands.

Ashley Ceraolo | SVP of Marketing and Beverage for CPK

Mobile Messages

There are numerous ways to reach and engage on-the-go customers. Grab their attention with messages that are displayed on the lock screen:

  • SMS campaigns
  • Push notifications
  • Geofenced messages

48% of diners will frequent the restaurant that offers mobile access to its loyalty program.

Mobile-Responsive Loyalty and Gift Microsites

Offering a high-quality mobile experience gets more customers interacting with your brand on their devices. Enable them to complete tasks like:

  • Registering for your loyalty, e-club, and gift programs
  • Checking their account balances
  • Combining their accounts
  • Adding related guests
  • Updating their demographic information and preferences
52% of guests will make dining decisions based on if they can use mobile ordering.
Mobile Ordering

A simple and intuitive mobile ordering platform increases convenience and creates a frictionless guest experience. Mobilize digital ordering with:

  • Native online ordering in iOS and Android apps
  • Integrations with online ordering partners
  • Mobile-responsive ordering screens

"By tightly integrating our Olo online ordering system with the Paytronix Rewards platform, we are assured that our customers have a seamless experience every time they interact with us."

James Park | CEO, Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh

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